Dental Emergencies Our Clinic Helps With:

Broken and Cracked Teeth

Causes of Broken and Cracked Teeth

About 80% of dental injuries affect one or more of the front teeth and may cause damage to soft tissues like the tongue, lips, and inner cheeks. Injuries and trauma are some of the most obvious causes to broken or cracked teeth.

However, improper dental care, internal health issues, or vitamin deficiencies can create brittle teeth that are vulnerable to injury or fracturing. Your teeth become more fragile and brittle if you have weak dentin (the layer below the enamel), genetic disorders, kidney disease, osteoperosis, increased age, and periodontal diseases.

If you do not become aware of your teeth’s fragility right away, you risk doing major damage to your smile. It is crucial that you discuss any notcable fragility or health concerns with your doctor as well as your dentist. 

Fixes for Broken and Cracked Teeth

We can help prevent the symptoms of your health problems from worsening your oral conditions and fragility. We can help prevent further deterioration, improve the strength of the enamel and dentin, as well as create crowns or bridges to fix the appearance of fragile or broken teeth. 

Depending on the severity, it is sometimes recommended to extract the tooth or teeth all together and do a dental implant or dentures. This is a permanent solution that is frequently used in severe cases (dead tooth, too much nerve damage, insurance issues, etc.)

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