About 20% of all adults experience a dental emergency or trauma to their teeth at some point in their lives. Injuries and accidents happen everyday and cannot be predicted or planned.
That is why we usually have same day availability for dental emergencies for our patients.

We know that broken or cracked teeth can be painful, and also ruin a special event like weddings, photos, or graduation days. 

Infections can be extremely painful and dehabilitating. It can be difficult to eat or drink, let alone work, talk or play with a painful infection in your mouth. Do not wait if you think you have an infection, because it only worsens with time and can be more difficult to treat with longer wait times for pain relief. 


A broken or missing crown can cause discomfort, pain and even sensitivity when eating or drinking. We can help create a temporarily filling until your custom crown is ready in order to alleviate the discomfort right away.

Did you get your tooth knocked out right before a major event like a wedding, graduation or family reunion? We can help you look like normal right away!

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